Our firm is proud to be one of Saudi Arabia's leading Collection law firms, recognized for uncompromising services and handling scores of collections matters.

In this current economy, collections have become an increasing challenge for business corporations of all types. Many establishments face difficulties to collect past due accounts and do not know where to turn when customer or debtor refuse to pay. But our Law Firm can help clients collect the monies which they have legal right. Our decade experience of legal practice allows us to utilize effective debt collection strategies while remaining within the confines of the law.

We stand different from the collection agencies;

In many debts claim cases they do not succeed in Courts due to lack of substantial documents available for the Judge to prove the debt actually existed. Documents without signatures or stamps or authentication are not accepted by the court and makes the collection process even weaker. As a law firm we are well aware of these circumstances, as such during pre-legal (out of court collection) process if the debtor refuses to cooperate, we engage our lawyers to negotiate and make the debtor to sign any commitment by way of a settlement agreement or letter. Such documents become authenticated and legally enforceable in the court making the chanceless debt to recoverable debt.

We work with proper legal module, request the client to issue power of attorney in our favor to represent them legally to the debtor which would trigger the debtor that legal actions can be imposed on him. Our strategies help clients in reduction of expenses and protracted legal battles. For credit insurance companies we provide legal opinion with reasonable fees on the merits of a claim in recovering the insured amount paid by the insurance company from the Debtors.