Our dispute resolution team knows that litigation through courts can be time consuming and this would cause loss on various factors. However, we provide solutions through Arbitration and out-of-court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation and settlement to achieve fair and just results. We ensure that the costs involved in handling your disputes will be within your affordable limits.

We provide pre-arbitral legal advice for international corporations having cross-bordered contract dealing with Saudi Corporations or Establishments. The Arbitral award obtained through the Arbitration Centers can be implemented through the Enforcement court. We are representing disputes before Arbitration Centers in Saudi Arabia. One of the large profile contract breach disputes we handled involved a Foreign Company and a notable Saudi Conglomerate. We represented the Foreign Company and successfully obtained an arbitral order in favor of the client.

Foreign Arbitral awards can also be implemented through the Enforcement Court. However, the award must comply with the preconditions of the Enforcement Law.

For mediation process, we assess your dispute carefully and advice you the alternative strategy to solve your dispute keeping in mind to expedite a settlement within a set timeframe. We are being retained for mediation on variety of contentious issues ranging from complex commercial, corporate, partnership disputes and debt recovery matters. "The Decisions executed through the mediation process are now enforceable through the enforcement court in Saudi Arabia and this would expedite the legal process will be cost effective.”