Contracts and agreements are the foundation of commerce universally. No matter how carefully and precisely a contract is drafted at some instances it might lead to disputes. Our consultants ensure that your interests are clearly incorporated and protected during drafting and will advise you should there arechances of any future consequences.Our Law firm is the best gateway for providing various legal documents that is needed to support any business or venture.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of all contract regulations and prescribed format that should be have mandatory terms as per the regulations of commercial agency law to the regulations of Government Tenders and Procurement laws of Saudi Arabia. We consult with you during each part of drafting and we provide suggestions of adding or amending clauses to secure your interest. Such as any exclusivity,breach of obligations, choice of law and dispute resolution, term or duration, termination and consequences of termination, etc.,

We also assist in legalising contracts such as the Trademark License Agreement, Distribution or Agency Contracts and registering the same with government authorities wherever necessary.