Our law firm have vast experience in Family disputes which cover fundamentally child custody, divorce, alimony and more. Family disputes can be a depressing prospect causing hardships and mental agony as we are committed to the sensitive handling of case. We always seek to make the legal process as clear and smooth as possible for our clients.

Foreign residents in Saudi Arabia are put to dilemma in deciding the jurisdiction and legal process for filing divorce or right of guardianship, maintenance, etc in Saudi Courts. Our team help in giving the complete understanding of legal process and with best representation on their behalf in order to get their rights. We have also assisted in out of court settlements such as mediation process for mutual divorce, visitation, custody of children for foreign residents in Saudi Arabia.

We are retained by many Western and Asian clients; we have fluent English-speaking consultants with in-depth knowledge and expertise to guide and assist you. Our firm is a recommended law firm by the US and the UK including other Embassies in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from disputes related to marriages, our firm advises on inheritance of property as well.