Of the key pillars of Saudi Vision 2030 are providing a milieu that could unleash the potentials of entrepreneurships, expanding the economic base, offering job opportunities to all Saudi nationals, mesmerizing the best talents, and attracting more world investments to the Kingdom.
The Saudi Vision 2030 aims at augmenting the contributions of small and medium enterprises in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in order to reach a level that could match economies of the advanced countries.
This could be done by facilitating the practice of businesses, helping these businesses meet their needs of skills, capabilities, and necessary financing to give entrepreneurs a hand to develop their skills.

Our firm engages a taskforce specialized in foreign investment field. The team can offer and render widescale services to companies, in advising taxation (Zakat), employment, and intellectual property rights services, with a full focus on the e-Trade, apart from other legal consultations that pertain to setting up Saudi or foreign companies in different legal structures.
Our team manages advising to a large number of companies and extensively work with foreign clients, who are doing commercial businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our consultants are work closely with our clients cum investors to brief them about all stages; before, during and after setting up a company.
We also have the capability to help and guide our clients take well-studied strategic decisions.
Moreover, we do offer businessmen, owners of factories, and foreign companies, who are willing to make investments in the Kingdom, and who also look forward to mesmerizing and bringing in a healthy investment environment, all means of advising and consultations anytime in order for them to realize and generate high rates of profitability.

Whereas the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers lots of guarantees and facilitations to encourage foreign investment and help those companies adapt to the Saudi market.
Therefore, we have the honour to render our services and expertise to investors and represent them in initiating and processing all the procedures relating to setting up a company or in completing the entire formalities before all government entities in the Kingdom; such as the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MOCI).
We assist in processing and issuing all types of government and foreign investment licenses; processing and issuing investor visa; processing and issuing commercial registers and factory licenses; and setting up all kinds of companies as well as drafting agreements and contracts.