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almoneeflawfirm is a full-service business law firm having offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. We provide expert legal advice to the business world by highly qualified and skilled team of consultants and attorneys. We consult with our clients to build effective organizations, innovate & grow, reduce costs, manage risk & regulation and leverage talent. Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change.

We are listed as the recommended law firms by The Embassy of United States of America and The Embassy of United Kingdom. Our founder Hazim Al-Madani is also the beachhead advisor of New Zealand – Trade & Enterprise.

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Foreign Investments

Our consultant team provides clients with in-depth employment counsel in all areas including employment litigation. Our clients range from start-up businesses...


Business Incorporation

We advise solutions for legalizing and registering establishments in compliance with Saudi laws & regulations for Foreign and Saudi investors including corporations,...


Debt Collection

Our firm is proud to be one of Saudi Arabia's leading Collection law firms, recognized for uncompromising services and handling scores of collections matters...


Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution team know that litigation through courts can be time consuming and this would cause loss on various factors. However, we provide solutions through...


News & Updates

Hazim Al-Madani Law Firm

The New Saudi Franchise Law (Law) issued by Royal Decree No. M/22 on 09/02/1441AH

With the continuous pace of the structural reforms targeted by the Kingdom, including the enactment of legislations and laws that help in the distribution of revenue sources and the advancement of the Saudi economy, the Royal Decree No. M/22 on 09/02/1441AH was issued, stating the approval for issuing the Commercial Franchise Law under the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. M/22 on 09/02/1441 AH.....


The New Professional Companies Law of Saudi Arabia will take effect from 26th March 2020

The kingdom has taken a fast lane in the reformation of its legislation by enacting new laws and regulations, forming new specialized committees ensuring the legislations are well implemented. In pursuance of legislative reformation, the Council of Ministers has approved the new Professional Companies Law (PC-Law) as per the Saudi Press Agency News (SPA)....


Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property aims to organize, support, sponsor, protect and promote intellectual property in the Kingdom in accordance with global best practices. Initially and to make it easier for the esteemed readers, I defined the concept of the Intellectual Property in general; which was defined by Legal Scholars as "A set of rights that protect the human thought and creativity, including copyright and relevant rights, patents, trademarks, industrial models and plant varieties"....


Enforcement Court shall not apply or impose ban on certain services

On the 11th of April 2018 – 25th of Ragab 1439 AH, His Excellency Minister of Justice, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, issued a decision which determines the services suspension controls; as it may come to the reader’s mind that the procedure to suspend the services may be one of the guarantees to maintain the rights of each Claimant....


frequently asked questions

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Q1. What is the definition of a franchise?

Anyone who contracts with the producer or his representative in his country for expanding the business of principal and distribution of products and services whether as an agent or a dealer by way of a proxy, in exchange for a profit or commission or facilities.


What are a requirement for registering a Franchising Contract: ?

Translation of contract and documents written in a foreign language into Arabic by a certified translator which should be notarized and attest up to the level of Saudi Consulate. A copy of main or branch commercial registration certificate of the Saudi Agency or Distributor. A written acknowledgment from the Saudi part stating that the capital is Saudi and the person in charge of management and signature is Saudi. A valid certificate of membership in Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, indicating payment of subscription fees. Providing data of the Saudi agent or dealer and data about the foreign agent, contract, and declaration. Note: that the commercial agency contract shall be written and signed by the entrusted authority in its original country or its representative in that country.


What are the forms of investment in Saudi Arabia??

Individual Establishment Branch of a Foreign Company Limited Liability Company Closed Joint-Stock Company Representative Office (Technical Support Office) Temporary Company


What are the major aspects of both Limited Liability Company and Branch of Foreign Company and how do they differ in terms of ownership structure, capital, and liability? ?

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One of the major issues that an investor has to take into consideration when establishing a business in Saudi Arabia is the structure of the entity. The entity’s structure must meet investor’s requirements, such as management style preferences, confidentiality of the processes, controlling factors over operations, etc. Moreover, each of the structures entails some advantages and disadvantages, which will also be answered in this section. The investor must understand the key features of each entity’s structure in order to determine which is appropriate for him. Below are the most common structures applicable for setting up a business in Saudi Arabia:


What is the minimum capital required for a limited liability company or Branch?

For service LLC or Branch, the minimum capital is SR500,000 For industrial LLC or Branch, the minimum capital is SR1,000,000 Recently, SAGIA is giving more attention to mega investments. Based on this fact, we found difficulties in processing applications for investors with minimum capital, therefore we advise foreign companies to increase the investment amount in KSA and not to stick with the minimum taking into consideration that capital invested by foreign companies is not subject to tax in KSA. Foreign companies pay 20% on the achieved net profit only.

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