Our attorneys have strategic and comprehensive approach to reach solutions for corporate, commercial agencies and franchisors with Trademark and Copyright issues. We provide advice on their registration, protection and licensing to third parties.

We advise clients ranging from small and large corporations, firms, associations and also individuals of different sectors such as retail, health, hospitality, entertainment, software & IT, manufacturing and FMCG companies.

Our consultants carefully study client's application for TM or copyright before submission to the authorities for getting approval and registration. In case of any rejection or opposing of the application, our litigation team would assess the issue and help the applicant in filing petition before the authorities and defend up to the appeal committee in order to get the applicant right to register.

The litigation team have the expertise in handling disputes related to infringement of TM or copyrights in getting injunction order restraining the infringer further use of the client's rights and get appropriate compensation as well. We assist in drafting, reviewing and advising of TM and copyright acquisition, transfer, non-competition, licensing and non-disclosure agreements.